"ARTPRIZE" is an international Art contest held in Grand Rapids Michigan wherein over 1500 artists display their work over a two week period in which over one million visitors attend.  It is the largest prize purse in the world, giving over a half million dollars in awards annualy. I have participated in 7 of the past 10 contest and have distinguished myself in being in the top 20 vote getters 4 times.

Awards are given for both the public vote, and  by  a paneled jury of selected experts in the field of art, i.e.; museum curators, educators, well known artists, etc. Catagories include: 2 dimentional, 3 dimentional, installation, and time-based. Currently, "Artprize" is held every other year, with the alternate year being dedicated to a select few installations.

oN The following pages are my entries, including my most recent planned entry for 2020, a collection of 5 paintings entitled " For a Limited Time Only : Africa's Big Five".

What is ARTPRIZE ?