Vegetation Paintings

These are paintings of anything and everything that grows - excluding people and animals.  

"After a rain"

In studio for scale

"Big Daisy"

"Daisy Field"

"Vines in the Fall"

"Daisy Field II"

"Daisies at Midnight"

Cover for "On the Town" Magazine

"Orange Rose"

"Red Rose"

"Rose at the speed of Light"


This was my Largest commisioned piece at 8' x 10'


"Study of Sunflower"

"Sunflower II"

"Sunflower Up Close"

"Water Lilies"

"Sliced Tomato II"

Requested repainting by commission.

"Sliced Tomato"

"Heirloom Tomatoes"

4' x 6'

"Heirloom detail"

"Apples in Ice and Snow"

"Four Grannies and a Red"

"Five Red and a Pear"

"Orchard in the Rain"

"Apple Study"


"Grapes II"


"Indian Corn"

Me with the "Egg Series"


(Canvas cut to match cealing line)

Jan's Orchids

Charlene's Blue Peony