Rock Paintings

I started painting rocks soon after our house burned down, whether that is significant or not, I'm not sure, but I do note in retrospect that most of them are painted as rocks underwater; Interesting. At any rate they went over very well and most all of them sold. Three pieces are in the University Club's dining rooms. This fixation culminated in the first three Artprize entries until I realized it was time to expand my repertoire of subjects as many patrons of Artprize began referring to me as that "Rock Guy".

Not good.

"Rocks and Water"

"American Stream"

"Rocks and Water II"

"Rocks and Water III"

"Rocks and Water IV"

"Rocks in Stream"

"Wet Rocks"

"America Rocks!"

"Lake Michigan Shoreline"

"Lake Tahoe Stream bed"

"Lake Michigan" Detail

"Lake Tahoe" Detail

"Superior Shoreline"