Paintings of People

II have long prided myself in the ability to draw and paint the human face and figure. This is not an easy undertaking and does call for the ability to see relationships between shapes, and the juxtapose of light and dark. Knowledge of the anatomy is also crucial. Many of the following are of nudes and are drawn and/or painted using live models; it is the only way to observe the three dimensional qualities of the human figure.

"6:00am." - (my wife Valerie, waking up)

Detail of "6:00 am."

"Butt in Suds"

"Reclining Nude"

"Reclining Nude"

"Nude disrobing"

"Father and Son"

""Nude in Water"

"Valerie at the Frankfort Beach"

"Liberty Sleeping"

"The Dancer"

"Valerie's Feet"


"Valerie at Coco Beach"

Study for "Vero Beach"

"Valerie at Vero Beach"

"Valerie in Cozumel"

"Betty, age 9"

(Valerie's mother)

"Katlin's Tea Party"

Displayed at the Vero Beach Art Museum

"Valerie on Frankfort Beach"

Greeting card; "Valerie in the rough"

Silver Lake C.C.

"Purple Nude"

"Reclining nude"


(model for J. Richards Salon)

"Finishing 400 Meters"

"Captured" - unfinished

"Stephen Hawking"

Study for Coco Beach

"An Allusion to the Civil War"

My first ever oil painting


(My first attempt; see also Artprize 2015 page)