For a brief while, I got a real kick out of making masks of my friends. Eventually however, people got tired of letting me dip their faces in Dental gel and breathing through a straw for an hour while the plaster casting set over the poured gel. But it was fun (for me anyhow) while it lasted.


Linda was part Chippewa Indian.

She is wearing deer antlers, squirrel tail, black horse tail, Grey fox hide Turkey feathers, faux mink and cheap jewelry .


I was in the midst of reading "Moby Dick" for the third time and thus Mike became Quee Quae the harpooneer.

Mike is clad in Horse Tail and Turkey feathers.

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Annie was a rather troubled soul, but a very sweet girl. I made her a sad, meloncholy Princess.

Annie is wearing a cream colored horse tail, bird feathers, faux mink, gold leaf, and cheap jewelry.


Liz was another troubled soul. As attractive as she was, she had a frustrating  time with the men in her life. Ergo, another sad Princess.

Liz is wearing a cap of gold leaf, a black velvet high collar, pearl paint, fake pearls and faux jewelry.


Ericka was a very "Up with life" individual and a joy to be around. She wanted to present her father with a mask for his birthday, and, as he was an avid fly-fisherman, she wanted to be a trout.

Erica's mask was the base hydrostone, modeled over with terra cotta clay, and then painted with copper paint and treated with oxidizing acid to obtain the patina.

Terra cotta clay modeling


He was the short-lived boyfriend of my good friend and neighbor, Mary. He was a Dick. For his birthday, Mary paid for this mask. (Not cheap).

He wanted to be a cat.

He is clad in Black Dyed straw, built up terra cotta clay, wire, faux mink and bone and leather jewelry.

But even with all that, he was still a dick!