Florida Paintings

I have a studio in Ft. Pierce Fla. Which is a part of the Underground Gallery. I essentially use it to keep my hand in the game during the winter months. Thus, my subject matter changes abruptly to those things that would sell to both residents and tourists. I also paint in Acrylics while at this gallery as they will not allow oils to be used due to the odors and inability to dispose of oil and turpentine safely. Acrylics pose an interesting problem: on one hand they are fast drying and I can finish an entire painting in a day, however, they don't allow for the slow process of layering as in oils. Oh well . . . .

Mermaid 1

Mermaid 2

Mermaid 3

Mermaid  4 unfinished

"Vero Beach Polo"

"Florida Landscape"




"Orange Slice"




"Florida Landscape II"

"Katlin's Tea Party"

Mermaid  4 


"Lion" Detail


Ocean scene - Vero Beach

For scale

Mushrooms - unfinished


Florida Landscape III

Florida Landscape IV

Mushrooms (Commissioned)

Jan's Orchids  (Commissioned)

Charlene's Blue Peony (Commissioned)

Sandhill Crane

Florida Egret