Drawing has long been my forte even though I do not practice it on a regular basis, nor do I feel that a finished drawing is a completed work of art; I've always looked at it as an exercise or means to an end. It wasn't until my retirement from my career, that I began painting, but now feel that painting is the culmination and finalization of any drawing. I have often gone back to drawings I did a decade ago, and have used them as a basis for a painting. I do feel that one cannot paint successfully if one cannot draw. Painting is still, in essence, drawing, only with a brush.


Figure Drawing

"Self Portrait"


Took 6th place in U.K. Drawing competition

"Essence of Lincoln"

"William Tecumseh Sherman"

" Captain Dick"

My Great friend, Richard Michaels

"Samuel Clemens"

Mark Twain

Sitting model at Kendal School

Final for "Doughboy"

Alternate poses "Doughboy"

Reclining nude

Reclining nude

Reclining nude

Seated Nude

Seated Nude

Seated Nude

Life Drawing Instructor at Kendal

Reclining nude

Life model Tom

Studies at the Atlanta Airport

Quick 30 second sketches

Miscellaneous Drawings

Drawing for "Two Minutes to Post Time"

Detail of "Post Time"


Drawing for "Godiva in the Far Turn"

"Rama - lama - Ding Dong"

"Man-Eater Tree Frog"

"Splash of Vodka"

"Rhasta Barbados"

This drawing, in Ink, took over a week and consists of over 2,456,397 dots!  Count 'em!

Commission; some guy's nephew

For Dan & Jan on thier 50th

Award for drawing presented by Indera Ghandi while on the U.N. ship "Hope"