"Broken Doughboy"

I was inspired to paint this 5' x 7' oil in light of the many concerns regarding PTSD and it's recent effect on our military personnel now serving in several theaters of war, and for extended tours. My use of a World War I soldier was to emphasize that this malady has always plagued soldiers in combat throughout history; it just has a new name, and a different and more empathetic approach to its treatment. My hope is to give those who have experienced symptoms of this syndrome, a knowledge and awareness that they are not alone. I also felt the need to do Something for them besides mouth the phrase "I support the Troops"; a rather hollow statement if no action follows.

The painting is displayed at the Amvets in Grand Rapids Michigan, where Pres. Gerald Ford was a member.

Sketches for final painting

With me for scale

T.V. Screenshot of Fox News covering the dedication of the painting to the Amvets Post 126