"Two Minutes To Post-Time"

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This 4' x 6' oil was somewhat of a fluke, in that I originally painted a portrait of Steven Hawking (see below) and was about 3/4 of the way, when people asked me what I was painting, and when I told them, most would say "WHO?". I pictured myself in front of this painting for two weeks explaining over and over again who he was, and what was the significance of it. If I wasn't there, most people would just assume that I couldn't paint the human figure very well as he was so disfigured.

Thus with only a month or so to go, I came up with this whimsical painting of a Ram-type creature with horse body and female legs etc. and made up a real tongue in cheek story in which I quoted an article from 1928 in the Belfast Times  about the outcome of a "mixed Breed" race. My hope is to sell it to an Irish Pub.  Oh well, needless to say, this was not one that put me in the top 20.

(You will note that both Lincoln and Einstein are present in the gallery; an allusion to previous, and more successful entries of the past.)

Start of  "Stephen Hawking"  which I painted over

Detail of "Stephen Hawking"