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Artprize 2013


This 4' x 6' oil painting was inspired by both my reading of Shelby Foot's " The Civil War: a Narrative in three volumes" and my ongoing fascination of that war and time. Lincoln has enamored me since my early childhood when I visited his frontier courthouse in Greenfield Village and saw the chair in which he was assassinated. I've been haunted and obsessed ever since. The painting is based on a Mathew Brady photo which was taken the day before his death. I deliberately focused in on the face to capture the essence of the man. The war had just ended, and I tried to depict both the hope and relief he would have felt.

The painting was sold and resides on the main floor of the P&C building in downtown Grand Rapids. It is situated thus that you can see it from the street!

Detail of "Lincoln"

With me for scale